Seeing as it’s only me “about us” didn’t seem right.

I come from a pretty unconventional background in design and engineering. I spent much of my career in an automotive and industrial environment supplying bespoke design solutions and finished products to commercial customers; gradually I moved into a more visual design offering, including producing live music posters for national promoters.

I’d like to think this all brings a totally different perspective to an industry which is suffering from a “lowest common denominator” approach with an awful lot of “graphics” products being offered cheaply or even for free, where I feel the design element is truly lacking. My old man was a top creative exec in the advertising world for three decades , and in fact was the original “Cream” agency, and we still like a good old moan occasionally about the “every man and his dog” generic approach to design and websites in particular

And talking of dogs, Django is an important member of the household (notice how he gets mentioned before my other half!) He is a “mantle” (otherwise known as cartoon dog) coloured Great Dane from the very special breeders of Champion Great Danes Ravendane. Born in August 2013 he’s a lovely gentle nutter with a great line in spinning helicopter style bounces. It does us both good to get out and go for a yomp in the woods every day.

My better half is Steph who is a saddle fitter and travels across England and Wales extensively, and she’s owned by another couple of eejits. Charlie & Lola are bother & sister chocolate tipped British Shorthair cats we adopted from our neighbours, they might be beautiful and comical but boy they are dumb, occasionally they club together to share the one brain cell they each have and try to fathom the cat flap out, but who’d be without them hey?!

Dann Stephens